The Boston Public Schools is dedicated to and grateful for the work of our community partners. Our community partnerships create an important network of health and wellness leaders and experts.

 In September 2010, the Boston Public Schools (BPS) Health and Wellness Task Force completed Healthy Connections, the district’s strategic plan to improve the health and wellness of students. The overarching, district-wide goal of Healthy Connections is to actively promote the health and wellness of all BPS students to advance both their healthy development and readiness to learn.

In support of this goal, Healthy Connections proposes that BPS pursue the following three specific, strategic health and wellness preliminary outcomes goals:  1) Improve student fitness; 2) Promote healthy student behaviors and engagement; and 3) Improve school-based health care.

To achieve these student health and wellness outcome goals, this plan recommended that BPS implement four core strategies, each with a key series of action steps.  The Health and Wellness Partnership Endorsement stems from the core strategy to Improve the District’s Health and Wellness Systems; as an action step, the plan recommends that BPS develop a district health and wellness partnership registration process.

As a result of this recommendation, the BPS Health and Wellness Department is piloting a Health and Wellness Community Partnership Endorsement process, which aims to improve strategic planning and quality control related to community partnerships. This process will ensure equitable, quality access to health and wellness services, and it will allow for a systematic oversight of quality services, and therefore will relieve individual efforts by individual BPS schools to assess each organization.

Stay tuned for details about this process!